Komárno is situated on a strategically advantageous place, since by a 1-hour travel 3 capital
cities can be reached - Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. The town can be found on the bank of
the river Danube, on the border with Hungary and it has been declared a university-town as well.
Komárno is frequently visited by Germen, Hungarian, Polish and other turists, due to
the healing termal spas located in the city and due to the rich historical and cultural heritage
of the town. Nearby can be found some great termal spas, such as in Patince, Veľký Meder
and Štúrovo. Both fishermen and hunters can find some interesting recreational opportinities
here. Those visitors, who enjoy long walks or bikerides can visit the surrounding natural
habitats such as near Apali, Lyon, Island of Lél or the wooden mill and wooden bridge accross
the Little-Danube by the town of Kolárovo, which is the longest wooden bridge in Europe.
Many great wineyards in the Chotín and Svätý Peter area provide great wine testing routes
as well. Our guests upon request are provided with a wine testing tour, horseback riding or
tennis courts.